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Exercise Showdown

Participants get: Regular educational and motivational messages during the program as they participate in their favorite forms of movement. Movement will only be captured from synced devices for this campaign. The campaign unit can be set as either steps or minutes.

Participants will: Inspire peer support by creating friendly competition to encourage physical activity. Groups within a company can compete against each other using wearable devices. There are four simple steps. 1. Choose a few forms of physical activity that they like 2. Choose one or more people to be part of their team. Their team members can be physically active with them, but group activity is not required. 3. Plan one or more blocks of time for physical activity into their weekly schedule. 4. Move as much as possible each week. Once a week, they will log their time spent in physical activity.

What participants are saying:

  • The fact that others were depending on me kept me going!
  • The competitive "smack talk" was fun and motivational.